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The Cardigans - Erase & Rewind

The RAPO Game reveals that the alter-Egos of Arbeiderpartiet (AP) still exist in the depths of its murky ID. The alter-Egos play hardcore Games that harms the AP Ego as well as the Nation – just like manifested. Consequently, AP disqualifies for any LEJD power - as it did before, during and after the World War 2. This grave conclusion is made by psychosocial-analysis, based on classic psycho-analysis. In general, the diagnosis includes dysfunctionality, mass-psychosis, mass -neurosis, sociopathy and mass-psychopathy - as well as schizophrenia and paranoia. Basically, that is the obsessive bondage to the arch-typical Superior-Egos based the 3rd International's 21 Conditions – the 100 years old 'Moscow thesis'. The ethics of this blog, on the other hand, is based on the anti-thesis P5GO (the 5th Pyramid Game Over). (UU 2016.juli.08 to UU 2016.sept.23.)


The theories of Organizational Insanity are talked through in UU 2015.nov.06. The whole blog should be read to get an overall idea of the theories, - even though the main theme is the Dexit (the Dane anti-Europol referendum). The following clips relate to the very same kind of dysfunctionality as the AP RAPO Game.

  • "It was necessary to upgrade and extend the classic Freudian models to organizational levels in order to enable psychosocial analysis. The result is a joint Freud/Jung/Berne model called 3x3. This was further developed to the 3^3 (i.e. 3x3x3) model. It is explained and used from UU 2015.juni.05 to UU 2015.juli.24 about the Danish parliamentary election." "The terms are developed from-via-to: Id-Child-Drive, Ego-Adult-Will and Superior Ego-Parent-Belief. A second dimension of conscience is added in order to merge Jung with Freud's 3-state; UnderConcience, Conscience and OverConcience. The third dimension contains of 3 subcategories of Drive, Will and Belief. These are interrelated via the conscience dimension. However, the subcategories are open for adaption and modifications to what is to be analyzed, for example persons, organizations, nations, empires or humanity. Furthermore, the subcategories are related to Game categories too, - which is not directly in the 3^3 model."
  • Concerning organizational health. "Is such organizational insane manipulation, like indoctrinating false memories, possible (in Dane psychiatry) too? Most certainly - yes. 'Organized insanity' in S-E/S-I relations for organizations and nations' is talked through in UU 2014.jan.10 and UU 2013.april.12: "It can function like a dominating and psychotic Superior-Ego that can transfer its psychosis to the client's S-E, make ID's neurosis and even split its Ego. There are potentials for the whole spectrum of Berne's described Games, - especially LYAHF, NIGYSOB, Debitor, SWYMMD, Courtroom, LHHIT, Schlemiel, WDYYB, Rapo, Uproar, HDYGOH, LPFOJ, IOTHY and certainly Psychiatry." Furthermore "Terms like mass-psychosis, brainwash and indoctrination can surely be related to such unsound S-E/S-I relations. Identifications of such ulterior and abstract organizations might be easier with use of metaphoric terms like 'The Psychopathy' and 'The Sociopathy', to relate their activities of mass-psychopathy and mass-sociopathy to the psychosocial Games." (UU 2013.april.19)"
  • Concerning obsessive S-E/S-I domination. "A diagnosis includes investigation of backgrounds, traumatic events and relations. In previous UUs, the modern psychosocial history stretches over 500 years in the Nordic region, - including Russia. However, such a complex issue can only provide some new discoveries and point of views. A thesis is that the present (Dane) psychosocial condition was initiated about 1864 with the Throne CdE and following mass-massacre of the previous king's men at the German border. It peaked half a century later in 1914 with a similar procedure to the imperial Throne and following CdE (Coup d' Etat) and mass-massacre of the emperor's men. About 2014, - it has reached another historical shift that should be 5D analyzed with alternative future scenarios (UU 2014.nov.28). Anyways, the hypothesis is that the matriarch obsessions in the psychocratic industry's OverConcience seems to stem from the apocalypse in the Winter Palace, centered around its sole survivor, - princess Dagmar of Denmark, alias Tsarina Maria of Russia. This hypothesis is elaborated based on previous writings, especially UU 2014.dec.19, UU 2014.aug.01, UU 2014.juli.18, UU 2014.jan.10, UU 2013.april.19 and UU 2013.april.12."
  • Furthermore, from UU 2014.dec.19 "The S-E/S-I theories of organizations can even be lifted to Global levels during centuries. The most outstanding example is the CdE Game in the Winter Palace in 1914, - the Dagmar Syndrome. It started as a simple TLM/TOL Game (Two Little Maidens) between the rivalling tsarinas from Germany and Denmark. This is the ultimate example that cloaking of ulterior Games can lead to unlimited cascades of misdeeds and mischiefs, - like a snowball can cause an avalanche, - like a match can cause a forest fire and like the shot in Sarajevo. Here is a translated part of the talk-through in UU 2014.mai.30: "'Dagmar's last meeting with Rasputin' is the association to this UU. The title of the song is 'Messiah Ward' (which hints to an asylum). In other words, this will be another point of view on 1914, EW1/WW1 and the rest of that century. With hindsight, it is easier to see the moves of the Games, the players and the motives, - and who really lost and won. The overall plot should be clear after 100 years; (a CdE Game) to convert Roma3 from Throne/Temple in St. Petersburg to State in Moscow." There are far less costly ways to do so."

The collective Jante obsession, (the Moscow thesis, - the 3rd International's 21 Conditions), is a dominant Superior-Ego to Arbeiderpartiet – the manifest that manipulates the collective Superior-ID to do maniac Moves in the 3rd Pyramid Game. Some further clippings elaborate on that.

  • "Surely international criminal organizations fight (Dane) 'Rule of Law' with hardcore Underworld Games. Ignoring such and believing the ulterior political deceptions, is a final stage of losing oneself as person, organization and nation. However, these UUs concluding views are both political and cultural. In order to suggest 'Howto heal the (Dane) LEJD powers'(Legal, Executive, Juridical & Democratic)? The 3D LEJD model is extended to the 3x3D at nations' level. The model is a merged and innovative version of Freud and Jung theories, in addition to theories of LQ (LifeQuality), GUR (Good, Useful, Right - ethics) and 5D (scenarios)."
  • "Concerning the 3x3 Superior-ID (S-I): Previously mentioned hypothesis of a Superior-ID, in addition to Freud's Superior-Ego, seems strongly founded by Jung's hypothesis about collective synchronizations and archetypes. Ideas of a Superior ID (S-I) was talked through in UU 2014.jan.10." "In that relation, it seems rather clear that the previous century has been particularly controlled by collective unconscious 'people's movements'. It seems that the unpublished books (at that time) about the phenomena, was studied thoroughly after all somewhere. The most obvious 'peoples' movements' seducing 'isms' were based on Marx socialist ideology (CD/OB) and Gurdjieff occult theology (OD/UB) (UU 2013.april.12). Jung and Berne's theories are thereby well related to the extension of ID to Drive with the levels UD and OD." (UU 2014.aug.22)
  • The archetypical Superior-ID (S-I) are like the mass-perceptions of the patriarchs Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao. However, the heroic mass-perceptions are not real. "The Man of Steel / Stalin, alias Ioseb Besarionis je J̌uḡašvili, was originally a local mafia boss in Caucasus that advanced to the chief of operations to the Bolsheviks. They financed the organization with bank robberies, kidnapping, extortions and murders. He was imprisoned and sent to Siberia seven times but was always set free. He had no military background and did not serve in ww1. The need for better reputations was arranged by starting the newspaper Pravda (Truth). Next, he took the nickname Stalin (Man of Steel) to propagate himself and his organization. Lenin said that Stalin was the right person to operate Soviet and posted him as general secretary. Soon Lenin got stroke and had to resign. Stalin continued Lenin's merits with 10 times the execution of own citizens. Stalin simply made Moscow a mafia empire. Nevertheless, Stalin is now a 'patriarch of mass-psychopathy'." UU 2014.juni.06. These genocides of tens of millions of their own citizens were presumably simply to ensure loyalty to the new State regime instead of the previous Throne regime as part of the CdE Game. Brute logic might be that killing and brutalizing is most effective. However, terminating the previous elite is like lobotomizing oneself as a society. The retardation and traumas take centuries to psycho-socially heal, - if ever possible at all." UU 2014.okt.31.
  • "The focus is therefore set on 3x3D imperial S-E/S-I obsessions and the psychosocial damaging dysfunctions to itself and its related. As mentioned in UU 2014.okt.31 about the first realization when the S-E/S-I relation was discovered. "The Oprichnina/Praetor is like a definition of psycho-social Games. The Actors and the Games are ulterior and concealed like the very nature of secret services. It is however, a problem if the democratic Quality of Life is not respected. It is serious if the organization consider itself as a Superior-Ego and individual as inferior. It is catastrophic, if it also inherited the properties of Ivan's murky mentality as a collective obsession." The theory of Superior-Id is talked through in UU 2014.jan.10 and the OD (OverConcience Drive) in UU 2014.aug.22."
  • "The 100 years old Red Mafia was presented in a video-documentary in extra UU 2015.okt.23. The global Olicracy is founded on brutal mass-assimilations of Throne servants by the CdE State regime, the created the Thieves worlds in Gulag Camps that climaxed in the so-called Bitch Wars. The Gulag colonialization programs have deployed the anti-democratic cultures in order to deploy the Comintern conditions for CdE in European and American democracies throughout the 50 years of cold war. This hypothesis goes along with the hypothesis about PROSA, GRAF and GRU, as talked through in UU 2015.okt.09.

The above clips might appear too fragmented to grasp. However, there should be no doubt that the theory of psychosocial-analysis is as applicable to organisations as the psycho-analysis is to individual persons. All-in-all, the organisational cultures are based on matriarchs' and patriarchs' personalities. Furthermore, the theories of dysfunctionalities apply to any kind of organisations, - not merely core families. 

A thoroughly psychosocial analysis of Arbeiderpartiet, is not possible in a few blogs. Still, the following offers some indications that support the psychosocial theories and the AP dysfunctionality.

  • The Superior-Ego to Arbeiderpartiet is 'the Moscow-thesis', 'the International' – 'the 3rd Comintern'. "It was initiated by Lenin after ww1, executed by Stalin in WW2 and continued through the 50 years of coldwar towards European nations. The now published 21 Conditions proves the international crimes towards 'Western' (European and American) parliamentary nations. Some of the dictated conditions are: "C1: In the columns of the press, at public meetings, in the trades unions, in the co-operatives – wherever the members of the Communist International can gain admittance – it is necessary to brand not only the bourgeoisie (civilians/borgere) but also its helpers, the reformists of every shade, systematically and pitilessly." "C3: In almost every country in Europe and America the class struggle is entering the phase of civil war. Under such conditions, the communists can place no trust in bourgeois legality. They have the obligation of setting up a parallel organizational apparatus, which, at the decisive moment, can assist the party to do its duty to the revolution (CdE Game). In every country where a state of siege or emergency laws deprive the communists of the opportunity of carrying on all their work legally, it is absolutely necessary to combine legal and illegal activity." (UU 2015.okt.30.) AP is not able to free itself from that Superior-Ego, - even after the 100 years of the infiltration.
  • The alter-Egos of Arbeiderpartiet are many, yet the mutual symbiosis with the international trade federation, LO, contains archetypes that violate most of the nation's constitutional foundation with the sole intention to cause CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) and CdE (Coup d' Etat). "Most alarming, though, is the dictation to make high treasonous POA (parallel organizational apparatus) for civil warfare. The 3rd Condition says: "In almost every country in Europe and America the class struggle is entering the phase of civil war. Under such conditions, the communists can place no trust in bourgeois legality. They have the obligation of setting up a parallel organizational apparatus, which, at the decisive moment, can assist the party to do its duty to the revolution. In every country where a state of siege or emergency laws deprive the communists of the opportunity of carrying on all their work legally, it is absolutely necessary to combine legal and illegal activity." (UU 2017.aug.18) LO plays hardcore illegal Underworld Games via AP and thereby acts as AP's 'murky twin'. However, LO is even more complex than AP. For example, this AP RAPO Game, covered as a legitimated (#)MeToo campaign, was initiated in the LO faction called FAFO, which hosts extreme sub-cultures, - not unlike the Dane DIIS. Furthermore, AUF, the joint AP/LO youth organisation, is the breeding hive for all AP leaders. The so-called AUF scandal of 1997, that exposed organised economic fraud through decades, did include most AP leaders. However, the court stopped the trial because of that. Most traumatic is the (arranged) suicide of AP's 'crown prince' that caused AP to turn against NATO and EEC (EU). (UU 2017.aug.25) Since the very foundation is the Moscow thesis, it certainly involves Moscow's secret services for diplomacy, police and military too.
  • The Superior-ID of Arbeiderpartiet is the collective unification of peasants and workers a century ago. Arbeiderpartiet is made to maintains their bondage in this century. It is rather anti-democratic than democratic. The theories of S-I by carl Jung was perverted by Gurdjieff and exploited by Lenin to make the 3rd International's 21 Conditions. It was deployed in most western nations, via parties like Arbeiderpartiet. The Superior-ID adopted symbols and slogans of violence like fists, hammers and the mob. The synchronizations of the deepest fears and anxieties are cynical and shortsighted manipulations of collective emotions and instincts. Although, silenced by the AP press, the party was actually extreme Leninists before WW2, extreme Nazists during the WW2 and extreme Stalinist after WW2. Now AP seems to search towards the green extreme, that might as well symbolize Belarusian autocracy and Islamism, as well as the nature. Besides, one single person, now renamed to Fjodolf, cannot be the sole executer of the AP government bombing (UU 2017.okt.06) and the AUF massacre (UU 2017.feb.24). Fjodolf was actually closely related to AP since both his parents were. Even the Jensen vs Cappelen case (para-police) seems to be related to the 2011 attacks (UU 2017.sept.29).

The organisational insanity of Arbeiderpartiet has developed through the 100 years to become the major damage for the party, its related and the whole Nation. The 2011 double-attack at AP, the Government bombing and the AUF massacre, was a schizophrenic suicide attempt by AP's complex of alter-Egos. The self-destructive executions caused an internal CdE in AP in 2013, - similar to the Kings Bay explosions in 1963 (UU 2017.april.21). This indicates that the same kind of insane Game as the Tsar Bomba diplomatic threats still hunts AP, its related and the Nation – as then - as today. That organisational S-I/S-E dominates most parts of the LEJD powers, - including the police, the military and the court, due to AP/LO public employments as dictated by the Moscow thesis. The S-I/S-E insanity continues due to mass-psychosis of denials. ("There are different kinds of denials too, like; denials of responsibility; denials of impact; denials of cycle; denials of awareness; and denial of denial." UU 2017.sept.22). Some public servants are also 'untouchable' agents, like agents of the so-called 'Red Mafia' (UU 2017.aug.25). One grave indicator is that some public servants seem to be placed above Penalty law since they are never face the courts despite the massive organised scandals and related crimes within public sector. These violations include terror and high treasonous activities and passitivities (UU 2017.sept.01). In brief, AP still acts as if the Moscow thesis overrules national law – as dictated before, during and after WW2.

Other methods for LEJD healing must be considered, since the past decade has proved that the corrupted civil servants of the LEJD powers still can overrule the lawful ones. Still, Arbeiderpartiet is also legally incompetent due to AP's organisational insanity. Wikipedia explains the term. "The word (legally) incompetent is used to describe persons who should not undergo certain judicial processes, and also for those who lack mental capacity to make contracts, handle their financial and other personal matters such as consenting to medical treatment, etc. and need a legal guardian to handle their affairs." This means that a psychotic is not subject to the civil Penalty law, but must be transferred to psychosocial health care. Yet, psychotic organisations require other means of treatments than individual persons. Still, as deemed legally incompetent, the means of powers can be done unavailable for organisations too, like it is done for potential terror organisations.

Ultimately, Arbeiderpartiet disqualifies as a Parliamentary party since its present characteristics and relations is as a POA (Parallel Organisational Apparatus) with high treasonous agenda that legitimates civil warfare in order to demote western nations to be Russian vassal states. Consequently, AP cannot ever be handed governmental power again by the Parliament, the Throne or the Court.

What to do then, when Arbeiderpartiet is legally incompetent and cannot be trusted the powers of LEJD? That will be talked through in the next and final UU blog in this mini-theme. However, in brief, the solution is to establish a true Social Democratic party, - that dedicates itself to true democracy, true human rights and to real rule of law. Yet, AP has proved itself to be incapable of true democracy. Therefor a new party has to be formed, while AP also fades like its extreme ancestors and their related POAs.


The band Cardigans introduced this mini blog theme in UU 2018.jan.19 like this: "The Cardigans are a Swedish rock band from 1992, with the line-up remaining unchanged to this day. Their debut album Emmerdale gave them a solid base in their home country and enjoyed some success abroad and their second album secured their international reputation. Their popularity rose with the songs 'Lovefool' 'Erase/Rewind' and 'My Favourite Game'. After a two-year break the band returned recording and releasing their fifth album. Their last album is a continuation of the country music infused by pop sensibility and further maturing in the band's sound. After a 2006 tour, the band embarked on a long five-year break from musical activities, before reuniting in 2012 to play several concerts. Overall the band sold over 15 million albums worldwide."

The association to the song is when realizing it would be preferable to 'Erase & Rewind' - when a Game has gone too wrong and the damages ricochets.  Though, neither RAPO Games nor any Underworld Games can be restarted - like nothing really happened. Sometimes reality is simply 'Game Over' – period.
The Cardigans - Erase & Rewind (Lyrics)

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Extra UU1 – Cardigans live

The Cardigans Tivoli Copenhagen Denmark 13 aug 1999 Full Show
1. (2:27) Marble House
2. (6:52) Step On Me
3. (11:00) Hanging Around
4. (16:15) Explode
5. (20:43) Starter
6. (25:10) Lovefool
7. (29:40) Do You Belive
8. (34:16) Junk Of The Heart
9. (38:51) Been It
10. (43:32) Erase/Rewind
11. (47:36) Rise & Shine
12. (53:04) Paralyzed
13. (58:17) My Favourite Game
14. (1:02:37) Higher

Extra UU2 – Pink Floyd - The (AP RAPO) Trial + lyrics (click to play)

Extra UU2 – Pink Floyd - The (AP RAPO) Trial + lyrics

The collectively accused deputy leader of Arbeiderpartiet got his chance to plea for forgiveness in the home community. That assembly looks very much like some home-town version of Pink Floyd 'The Trial' - with hammers, matriarchs, wives, pedagogues and arbitrators. The local AP/LO community is known for anti-EU agitation and public corruption.

Pink Floyd is previously presented in blogs like UU 2017.juli.28, UU 2016.aug.12, UU 2015.sept.04 and UU 2012.Juli.20. "The song 'The Trial' centers on the main character, Pink, who having lived a life filled with emotional trauma and substance abuse has reached a critical psychological break. The very different arrangement of the song is because Bob Ezrin was strongly involved in the production, orchestral arrangement and music. It is the fulcrum on which Pink's mental state balances. In the song, Pink is charged with 'showing feelings of an almost human nature.' This means that Pink has committed a crime against himself by actually attempting to interact with his fellow human beings, defying the mission towards self-isolation that defined much of his life. Through the course of the song, he is confronted by the primary influences of his life, - and a new character – the Judge. In Pink Floyd -- The Wall and the concert animations, the Judge is a giant worm for most of the song until his verse, at which point he transforms into a giant anthropomorphic body from the waist-down (bigger than the marching hammers in 'Waiting for the Worms'), his face constructed from various elements of the buttocks and genitals. A prosecutor conducts the early portions, which consist of the antagonists explaining their actions, intercut with Pink's refrains, 'Crazy/Toys in the attic, I am crazy,/Truly gone fishing' and 'Crazy/Over the rainbow, I am crazy,/Bars in the window.' The culmination of the trial is the judge's sentence for Pink 'to be exposed before your peers' whereupon he orders Pink to 'Tear down the wall!' "

feb 09
Eurythmics - Sex Crime

The grassroots of the present RAPO Game in AP stem from a 100 years old bondage culture for workers and peasants. The democratic (#)MeToo campaign was abused for leadership cleansing in a 'light arbiter coup', executed with sexual Games like RAPO and LYAHF. In doing so, the Gamers have stirred up some 100 years of accumulated cold cases of Underworld Games by the schizophrenic AP/LO symbiosis. One of these Pandora ghosts are globally recognized as '1984'. Originally, the novel by George Orwell was titled 'The last European', which is parallel to the Jante/Kafka process towards true social-democrats too. Still, in Europe, the dystopian 1984 scenario was not realized as a coldwar dystopia, assumingly since the Game was exposed in novels, movies and music. Yet, the very anti-thesis to this ongoing AP RAPO Game is to expose such 1984 Gamers, the motives and the means. This blog is therefore a likewise attempt to hinder AP's dysfunctionality to become such a dystopian autocracy. This also relates to the blog theme called P5GO (the 5th Pyramid Game Over).


The dystopic global order of '1984' is described in Wikipedia: "The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism by Emmanuel Goldstein, reveal that after the Second World War, the United Kingdom fell to civil war and then was absorbed into Oceania. Simultaneously, the USSR conquered mainland Europe and established the second superstate of Eurasia. The third superstate, Eastasia, comprises the regions of Eastern/Southeastern Asia. The three superstates wage continuous war for the remaining unconquered lands of the world, forming and breaking alliances as is convenient. Winston remembers the Atomic Wars fought in Europe, western Russia and North America. It is unclear to him what occurred first: The Party's victory in the civil war, the US annexation of the British Empire or the war in which Colchester was bombed." (The 1984 was also a mini-theme in the UU 2010.okt.29 to UU 2010.nov.12.)

Apropos, this week's selected song, 'Sex Crime', refers to the most terrifying ministry of all - 'The Minister of Love'. It was presented in the blog UU 2016.sept.23 'David Bowie - We Are the Dead'. It is actually a RAPO Game, when 'the last European' gets the fatal 'I Love You' -note from an agent, - and much to late realize that their 'sex crime' will finally be abused for his fall. Intriguingly, the first computer pandemic was by a virus named 'iloveyou'. The theme of 1984 is mentioned several times in blogs - and this song was previous presented in UU 2010.okt.29. Furthermore, the novels '1984' and 'Animal Farm' are the inspiration to the Drive Game category AF (Animal Farm). It is described in UU 2015.feb.27. They are also the inspiration to the dystopian term 'Trelletopia', where the 'people' in bondage Believe their dystopia is a utopia. (UU 2014.aug.01, UU 2014.nov.14 and UU 2015.juli.03)"

"Still, the major blog-theme is P5GO (the 5th Pyramid Game Over) is briefly summarized in UU 2017.sept.01 and described in UU 2016.mai.13. "The Pyramid Games are based on the illegal 'Pyramid scheme', 'Eight-ball' and 'Gifting circles'. 8 people are lured by one to 'invest' in illusions of repayments in a distant future, - not realizing that the Game is built to collapse and rather cause their ruin. The ethics to such Game masters are 'honesty is for suckers'. The 5 Pyramid Games in this UU theme are related to the 5 Internationals. Those 'suckers' are lured to contribute to domestic CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) that weakens their prey nation enough to enable the main gains of CdE (Coup d' Etat). Related sub-Games played by potential PROSA agents (Pro-Russian Oligarchs, Separatists and Anarchists) are of all categories, - especially Underworld Games and Sexual Games like; NIGYSOB (Now I've Got You, You Son of a Bitch) and Schlemiel, SWYMD (See What You Made Me Do), ITHY (I'm Only Trying to Help You), LPAFJ (Let's Pull A Fast one on Joey), LYAHF (Let's You and Him Fight), DAC&UAC (Devide&Conquer & Unite&Conquer), ISR (It Started with the Retribution), ABD (Attack is the Best Defense), Jante/TUD (The Ugly Duckling), TLM (Two Little Maids), BGGG (Bad Guy, Good Guy), RPPP (Robbing Pete to Pay Paul), ODAB (One's Death – Another's Bread) and the Russian BOOFY (Beat your Own and Others will Fear You). (UU 2014.sept.12.)" (UU 2016.juli.15) Still crucial to keep in mind, - dysfunctional organisations are not about persons, but organisations. Blame Games at scapegoats are symptoms of organisational dysfunctionality. Therefore, the focus is not set on the convicted persons but their organisations." (UU 2017.sept.29)

Furthermore, the related theories of the 3^3 Game Categories are summarized in UU 2016.sept.23 and talked through in detailed, related to the psychosocial dimensions; Drive (UU 2015.feb.27), Will (UU 2015.mars.06) and Belief (UU 2015.mars.13). Most relevant to 1984 is AF: "The social Game category AnimalFarm (AF) was first mentioned in UU 2014.dec.19 in a critique about public schools (the Gulag for Kids). "10 years in a class-room cell with a dominant matriarch, or patriarch, takes Games to an organizational level of S-I/S-E (Superior-ID/Superior-Ego), - in collective versions of the Games of TLM (Two Little Maidens) and national variations like 'Jante', TUD (The Ugly Duckling) and other 'Animal Farm' related Games of S-I." However, the term stems from dystopian novella 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell. He was a social democrat the warned about the expanding Stalinism by writing in fable form. In social 3x3 sense, there are some structures and dominations by biological conscience within species' tribes. There are hierarchal organizations where older mammals dominant younger and where a single male might rule. Contrariwise, insects might have hives where queens dominate workers, drones, warriors and nurses. There are even highly inter-species relations that indicate dependencies and bondage. Besides, flocks of birds and fishes have synchronized collectives where single individuals rarely dominate. Nevertheless, birds and mammals might have fierce rivalries between male during mating. 1st degrees of 'Sexual' Games like LYAHF stems from such animal rivalries. Actually, most Games are of 1st degree are Drive related. Humanoid primates can even play 1st degree of sophisticated Party Games and Underworld Games. In addition, as indicated, classrooms might have pecking orders like hen houses. Nevertheless, natures' non-verbal communication is rather advanced with odors, colors, behaviors, rituals etc."

The very S-E Belief for the schizophrenic AP/LO symbiosis are: "Moskvatesene (the Moscow thesis), the Norwegian term for the 21 Conditions of the 3rd International (i.e. Leninism, Stalinism and Maoism). These are talked through several times and are the basis for the UU Theme 'The 5th Pyramid Game Over'. The anti-thesis P5GO (the 5th Pyramid Game Over) is discussed in blogs like UU 2014.sept.12, UU 2016.juli.01 and UU 2017.aug.11. The following is basically translated from Norwegian in Wikipedia.

  • "These 21 conditions caused power-struggles in several parties that were submitted the USSR Comintern, including the 'The Norwegian Workers Party (Det norske Arbeiderparti - DnA). The democratic faction broke out and formed Norwegian Socialdemocratic Workers Party (Norges Socialdemokratiske Arbeiderparti - NSA). The left faction of DNA got the majority to submit to the Moscow thesis in the National Delegate´s Meeting (Landsmøtet) in 1921. However, the power-struggles about the Moscow thesis continued in the workers' party. For example, one consequent was that the collective membership in the labor unions could not continue, when they split. The party rejected that condition and considered itself as excluded from the USSR Comintern. (However, that is not confirmed by any other part.) A minority faction then established the Norwegian Communistic Party (NKP). The youth organisation called itself Left-communistic youth (Venstrekommunistisk Ungdomsfylking, the predecessor to AUF) to point out that they were at least as submitted as the mother-party NKP." "Arbeiderpartiet modified its agitation in 1927 - and had to reduce it some more, when they formed Government in 1928. However, the government fell after only 18 days because of its dedication to revolutionary socialism, - as dictated in the Moscow thesis. Anyways, Arbeiderpartiet proved that they were able to get governmental power due to their dedications, - which few previously believed." (Wikipedia)
  • The parties agreed to submission Moscow's dictatorship, which included: "Actively propagate the communistic ideas. Remove reformists and centrist from leadership in the workers movement (arbeiderbevegelsen). Combine legal and illegal means of combat. Strengthen the activities to the party representatives in the parliaments. Refuse pacifism and accept armed combat as a mean. Support national liberations in colonies. Ensure that the labor unions were related to the red doctorial unions and not the yellow Amsterdam social democratic unions. Introduce democratic centralism in the parties. Support all existing soviet republics. Revise their party programs to the politics of the international. Accept all decisions from the International as binding for own party. Exclude all members that voted against any of the 21 conditions, and parties that votes against. Use the name communistic party. (However, alternative names can are later permitted)." These Moscow thesis – 21 conditions, are discussed in blogs like UU 2017.aug.25, UU 2017.mai.12 and UU 2014.juni.13.
  • Most alarming, though, is the dictation to make high treasonous POA for civil warfare. The 3rd Condition says: "In almost every country in Europe and America the class struggle is entering the phase of civil war. Under such conditions, the communists can place no trust in bourgeois legality. They have the obligation of setting up a parallel organizational apparatus, which, at the decisive moment, can assist the party to do its duty to the revolution. In every country where a state of siege or emergency laws deprive the communists of the opportunity of carrying on all their work legally, it is absolutely necessary to combine legal and illegal activity." (UU 2017.aug.18)

Such sociopathic 'parallel organizational apparatus' (POA) were particularly in WW2 when LO converted to Nazism for 3 years. Similar tendencies are also obvious in the Kings Bay Crisis (UU 2017.april.21), the Utøya Massacre (UU 2017.feb.24), the Governmental bombing (UU 2017.okt.06) and the Jensen vs Cappelen case (UU 2017.sept.29).

What should AP do, then, - now that the RAPO Game for leadership cleansing is exposed. Obviously, AP should not let itself be abused as in 1928 to be a collective of 'suckers' for high treasonous Games of CdE. AP needs to cut its bondage to LO and related cultures of the 3rd Pyramid Game in particular. Its grave psychosocial condition will be focused in the next UU blog.


"Eurythmics were a British music duo consisting of members Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart. The duo achieved global success with their second album Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) in 1983. The title track was a worldwide hit. The duo went on to release a string of hit singles and albums before they split up in 1990. By this time Stewart was a sought-after record producer, while Lennox began a solo recording career in 1992 with her debut album Diva. After almost a decade apart, Eurythmics reunited to record their ninth album. They reunited again in 2005 to release the single 'I've Got a Life'."

In 1984 RCA released in 1984 was Eurythmics' soundtrack album 1984 (For the Love of Big Brother). Virgin Films had contracted the band to provide a soundtrack for Michael Radford's modern film adaptation of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four., the record was presented as 'music derived from the original score of Eurythmics for the Michael Radford film version of Orwell's 1984'. Eurythmics charged that they had been misled by the film's producers as well, and the album was withdrawn from the market for a period while matters were litigated. The album's first single, 'Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four)', was a top 5 hit in the UK, Australia and across Europe, and a major dance success in the United States.

The duo won an MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist in 1984, the Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal in 1987, the Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music in 1999, and in 2005 were inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame. Eurythmics have sold an estimated 75 million records worldwide. In 2017, the group was nominated for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

The association here is not merely the RAPO Games of the female agent in 1984, but also the cold cases of AP RAPO Games to remove political rivals from the party – like dictated in the Moscow thesis.

Eurythmics - Sex Crime + Lyrics

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Extra UU - Eurythmics LIVE – 1987

Eurythmics Live is a live concert video by the British pop/rock duo Eurythmics, filmed during their Revenge Tour in Sydney, Australia, on 14 February 1987.

Eurythmics' live video album and concept from 1987.
Sex Crime 1984
Let's Go
The Last Time
Here Comes the Rain Again
It's Alright Baby's Coming Back
When Tomorrow Comes
There Must Be An Angel Playing With My Heart
Who's That Girl?
Right By Your Side
Torn In My Side
Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This
Would I Lie To You?
Missionary Man
Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves
The Miracle Of Love 

feb 02
Saga - Scratching the Surface

The RAPO Game in Arbeiderpartiet (AP) has elevated to internal cleansing in the central leadership. Therefore, this 3rd blog is not the final in this series, but will be followed up with more scrutinizing of the Games. This blog set focus on the term 'organisational dysfunctionality' in order to diagnose the internal crisis and suggest some solutions. Still, in general, any Game is based on secret motives and denials of realities. Therefore, any solution for the workers' party is to end this phase of mass-psychotic denials and move on by re-realizing its true nature and needs. In brief, this RAPO Game is merely another periodic round of the 100 years old power-struggles to do a coup (CdE) for the workers' oligarchs. Since it is in any Games' nature to hide the real Motives and Moves, the (#)Metoo campaign was merely a convenient mean to ignite another internal coup in AP. (UU 2018.jan.19)


The party's existentially dilemma is that it cannot and will not heal itself properly from its own mass-psychoses. AP has a 100 year of history that proves the collective mental obsession. The traditional method, when a syndrome of crisis climaxes, is to do a Jante Game and sacrifice one individual by excessive Kompromat to let all the other members go free from suspicions. The mass-psychosis were initiated and maintained by collective control of the press, as described in the 21 conditions to the 3rd International. However, those coldwar autocratic powers are now democratized - and those 100 years of mass-psychosis collides with the public perceptions of this century. The accumulated traumas are too massive to suppress and is about to climax in yet another CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). This is a classic symptom for dysfunctional organisations, which is about to be analyzed in this blog series about Arbeiderpartiet (AP). First, some theory, then some observations and finally some conclusions.

The theory of 'dysfunctionality' was talked through in UU 2017.sept.22. In order to escalated the term 'dysfunctional', from family organizations to larger organizations, - the term 'child' or 'family member' are replaced with (organisational) 'member', and the terms 'adults' and 'parents' are replaced with 'leader'. Thereby, the following descriptions apply for dysfunctional organisation of any size.

  • "A dysfunctional organisation is an organisation in which conflict, misbehavior, and often member-neglect or -abuse on the part of individual leaders occur continually and regularly, leading other members to accommodate such actions. Members sometimes grow up in such organisations with the understanding that such an arrangement is normal. Dysfunctional organisations are primarily a result of co-dependent leaders, and may also be affected by addictions, such as substance abuse (e.g., alcohol or drugs), or sometimes an untreated mass-psychosis and mass-neurosis (mental illness). Dysfunctional leaders may emulate or over-correct from their own dysfunctional leader. In some cases, 'immature' leaders will allow the dominant leadership to abuse their members."
  • "Some features are common to most dysfunctional organisations: 1) Lack of empathy, understanding, and sensitivity towards certain members, while expressing extreme empathy or appeasement towards one or more members who have real or perceived 'special needs'. 2) Denial (refusal to acknowledge abusive behavior, possibly believing that the situation is normal or even beneficial; also, known as the "elephant in the room."). 3) Inadequate or missing boundaries for its Self (Ego-state) (e.g. tolerating inappropriate treatment from others, failing to express what is acceptable and unacceptable treatment, tolerance of physical, emotional or sexual abuse.) 4) Disrespect of others' boundaries (e.g. physical contact that other member dislikes; breaking important promises without just cause; purposefully violating a boundary another authority has expressed). 5) Extremes in conflict (either too much fighting or insufficient peaceful arguing between members). 6) Unequal or unfair treatment of one or more member due to their birth order, gender, age, organisational role, abilities, race, caste, etc. (may include frequent appeasement of member at the expense of others, or an uneven/inconsistent enforcement of rules)."
  • "Though not universal, the following features are typical of dysfunctional organisations; Abnormally high levels of jealousy or other controlling behaviors: 1) Conflict influenced by organizational status: Between separated leaders, usually related to, or arising from the breakup. 2) Conflict between leaders who remain dependent, often for the perceived 'sake' of the members, but whose division would in fact remove a detrimental influence on those members. 3) Leader who wish to leave, but cannot due to financial, societal (including religious), or legal reasons. 4) Members afraid to talk (within or outside the organisation) about what is happening at offices, or are otherwise fearful of their organisation. 5) Abnormal sexual behavior such as adultery, promiscuity, or incest. 6) Lack of time spent together, especially in recreational activities and social events ("We never do anything as an organisation"). 7) Organisational members who disown each other, or refuse to be seen together in public."
  • "The list of unhealthy leadership signs which could lead to a organisations becoming dysfunctional is: Unrealistic expectations, ridicule, Conditional love, Disrespect, Emotional intolerance, isolation, stifled speech, denial of an 'inner life', being under- or over-protective, apathy, belittling, shame, bitterness, hypocrisy, unforgiving, demonization, unbalance criticism, double standards, the absentee authority, unfulfilled projects, unrightfully redistribution, gender prejudice, sexual imbalance, emocratic policies, scapegoating, 'tunnel visioning', unbalance delegations, hinder mature participations, an 'know-it-all' attitude, forced participation against abilities, scrooge authority, heredity blaming, etc." (ref. Wikipedia)
  • The loss of collective mass-psychosis can be shocking. When in shock, there are several stages to go through in order to heal. "Based on theories found in Wikipedia, the merged stages are here defined as: denial; acceptance and hope; grief and anger; diagnosis and conclusion; bargaining and settlements; treatment, healing and post-traumatic care. There are different kinds of denials too, like; denials of responsibility; denials of impact; denials of cycle; denials of awareness; and denial of denial." (UU 2017.sept.22)

The AP party shows all the listed symptoms and uses all the 5 kinds of denials. The systems of denying have become necessary for survival with 100 years of self-righteous ethics towards own misdeeds. That is like mafia ethics, where any involvement in own criminal misdeeds are denied to protect the organisation of 'untouchables'. The foundation to such cultures are certainly the bondage to the 3rd International's 21 condition, - that was implemented and supervised by the former godfather Stalin. (UU 2017.sept.01)

The press writes that there are 6 reasons for the present crisis in Arbeiderpartiet:
  1. The failed parliamentary election in 2017 when AP failed to regain Governmental power.
  2. The distorted evaluation of the real reasons why the election failed.
  3. Rivalries between the party Headquarters and Parliamentary group when HQ replaced some PMs.
  4. The (#)Metoo campaign that uncovered sexual cold cases in the party and its youth organisation (AUF).
  5. The power of the dismissed deputy leader's faction where AP, LO, AUF unites for traditional goals.
  6. The loss of popularity that reduced AP to the second largest party and their loss of political dominance.

Still, the press has proven itself as a subjective part in this RAPO Game. Also, these 6 reasons are merely symptoms of a trend, when the denials of the dysfunctionalities became open for all to see.

Besides, there are other aspects to this RAPO Game that should not be covered up and denied.

  • The Game overshadowed the real extraordinary regime shift in AP - after the governmental building was blown up and the massacre of the youth organisation (AUF) in 2011.July.22.
  • The reported 'unwanted sexual behavior' were old cold-cases that were re-activated, coordinated and exposed as means in the power-struggle in the central leadership.
  • The sexual abusive culture in the party is as old as the bondage cultures of peasants and worker – 100 years before. Collectively, they all know, they all cover it up and they all will rather play RAPO Games than do morally, ethical and legally right.
  • The culture's main icon is an angry fist, which symbolized aggressive use of physical violence to get power. However, that includes the psychosocial violence as in the JANTE Games. According to books like 'Basketak' and 'Maktkamp', there is 'no mercy' for the sacrificed 'loser', - which the responses to the fallen deputy's sick leave clearly shows.
  • All the prior general secretaries in AP categorically deny that there have been any reports of sexual abuses in the party in their time at office, - despite the high number of serious accusations. This indicates that the culture of denials dominates, - also for any kinds of criminal activities – not merely sex crimes.

The RAPO Game is not about (#)MeToo support to any victim, but about 3rd degree organizational rivalries. There are many cover-ups in these revenges of factions. Here are some reflections.

  • The present party leader is a shipping oligarch without relation to the workers' collective culture. It is unclear why the culture accepted such an outsider to shortcut the traditional internal recruitment in order to replace the former PM Stoltenberg.
  • The remaining central leadership had no legal or legitimate ground to remove all the roles from the deputy. He was forced to resign, probably by far more serious accusations than the RAPO charges implies. The whole regional faction, as well as the extraordinary GA, seems to be overruled and silenced.
  • The winning deputy publicly announced that the sexual accusations deeply moved her as a lawyer, which implied that there were criminal acts involved. Yet, the police are not engaged despite the stated suspicions. If there is knowledge of criminal acts, there are criminal passitivities not to report to the police. If there are no criminal acts, the public announcement was certainly a planned Move in the RAPO Game, in order to illegitimately Gain power on others behalf.
  • The cleansing in the leadership leaves a duo of a male oligarch and a young Muslim woman in power after the 2 rivaling men were forced to resign. This new regime deviates so much with the workers' culture and tradition that it cannot last. However, it is unclear what this temporary regime is intended to pave the way for.

 There is no final conclusion or anti-thesis to this RAPO Game, - yet. However, Arbeiderpartiet, its members and the rest of the LEJD (Legal, Executive, Juridical and Democratic powers) should take diagnoses of AP's dysfunctionalities very seriously, - even if this analysis might be rejected. In any case, the first step is to stop the immature denials and start realizing the true condition. Any denial of that will proof of the actual dysfunctional denial. If so, there might not be any remedy at all, since that phase of denial has lasted a hundred years – from the party's very beginning. The recent crises show how experienced the organisation is in covering their murky realities by denials of denials and by picking one single scapegoat to cover for all the others involved. (Nevertheless, no wonder that such an individual self-sacrifice became the collective contra-response to the collective punishment.)

The remaining leadership is definitely not willing to move Arbeiderpartiet from denial to realization. That would require that they admit their RAPO and LYAHF Games for personal power ambitions. Therefore, the higher authority, the Annual General Assembly need to react accordingly to preserve its true self – its real Ego over some alter Ego.


The band Saga was previously presented in UU 2013.juni.14 and is presented closer in this weeks Extra UU. In brief, Saga are a Canadian rock band that have been awarded gold and platinum albums worldwide and have sold more than 8 million albums. A 5th album was released in late 1983 and became another success. The single entitled 'Scratching the Surface' from the album Heads or Tales became particularly popular in Canada, peaking at No. 45.

The association to this blog is that the RAPO Game merely scratched the surface of the ice berg of the culture of the workers' party. The iceberg seems to face the same faith as the rest of the polar icebergs though.

Saga - Scratching the surface 1984 (live studio) 

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Extra UU – Saga - Full Concert - Live in Bonn 2002

"Over the course of a career that's spanned five decades, Saga have established themselves as one of Canada's most successful progressive rock bands, and have found a loyal, international audience for their ambitious music." "Jim Crichton and Welsh-born vocalist Michael Sadler have been the principal songwriters for Saga. Ian Crichton is the band's guitarist; apart from his work with Saga, he has recorded several solo albums as well as sessions with Asia. Saga has had numerous line-up changes throughout their career. Currently, Crichton, as well as his brother Jim, the band's bassist, are the only two original members who have appeared on every album. Lead singer Michael Sadler has appeared on every release by the band apart from their 2008 album The Human Condition, in which he was replaced by Rob Moratti. Though not present on the group's first two albums, current keyboardist Jim Gilmour has been with the band since 1979, making his debut on the album Silent Knight. He departed from the band in 1986, returned later in 1992, and has remained in the group since then. Saga have been awarded gold and platinum albums worldwide and have sold more than 8 million albums." (Allmusic and Wikipedia)

Saga - Full Concert - Live in Bonn 2002 (HQ) 
1. Careful Where You Step
2. Time Bomb
3. Remember When
4. The One
5. No Regrets
6. Compromise
7. Wind Him Up
8. Time's Up (Acoustic)
9. We'll Meet Again
10. The Runaway
11. See Them Smile | Take It or Leave It
12. Humble Stance
13. You're Not Alone
14. Briefcase
15. Don't Be Late

Michael Sadler: Vocals, Keys, Bass, Percussion
Jim Crichton: Bass, Keys
Ian Crichton: Guitars
Jim Gilmour: Lead Keys, Vocals, Clarinet
Steve Negus: Drums, Percussion

jan 26
Yello - Vicious Games

​This second blog about the dysfunctionalized AP (Arbeiderpartiet), sets focus on the roots of the Games that are played with its alter-ego, LO (the Trade Federation). Their schizophrenic symbiosis was constructed a century ago in order to trigger a CdE (Coup d' Etat) and handing over the powers to Moscow. Now, AP cannot end their failed Underworld Games with re-occuring Rituals of self-destructive dysfunctionality. The current complex of internal rivalries is as implied in the latest book about the Games, 'Basketak' (the Tussle). This time, they were staged as a RAPO Game, a perverted version of the global (#)MeToo campaign. However, such sexual Games are based on their joint 'grassroot' culture of both AP and LO. Their cultural basis stems from the upgrade from bondaged peasants to bondaged workers as dictated in the 21 Conditions of the 3rd International. Therefore the focus should not be on the distracting RAPO Game, but the workers' bondage in general in a larger feudal Game for territorial dominance.


The abusive (#)HeToo campaign, disguised as a (#)MeToo campaign, was uncovered as a combined RAPO and LYAHF Sexual Game in the previous UU 2018.jan.19. The Motive and Gain of the Game is to remove one of two deputy leaders - Illegitimately. He is the head of the largest and most traditional faction in AP and thereby the main rival to the dominating Capital's faction. The Game was initiated, escalated and projected by mass-production of mass-psychosis from a Game playing faction of the Press. However, neither the leader nor the second deputy leader are in power to un-elect the organization's legitimate election. The chosen method was as a mass-psychotic and mass-neurotic Blame-Game without factual discussions, process or legality. This anti-constitutional process is forced on this largest parliamentary party, which has the ambition to replace the current Government. However, this (#)HeToo Game is not played by AP itself, – but AP are played - like workers sometimes are. Clearly, AP itself is overruled and remote controlled in this process, by some un-democratic autocracy. This can be done since the political party AP is not truly 'social democratic' by origin, - like other 'Western' parties. AP is a workers' party promoting workers' collective bondage. LO, the alter ego, is a Republican Trade Federation that do not concern about people, but trade.

The inherited thralldom (trelldom) of workers in AP and LO stems from the Russian feudal empire that dominated Norway via Denmark 400-200 year ago. The Dane peasants were called 'fæstebonde / fæster' and were bound to slavish contracts. They had practically the same status as the slaves of African and the Caribbean. Factually, there were 4 classes in Denmark at that time; the priests, the nobility, the bourgeois (borger) and the peasants. Peasant included slaves, serfs (treller), and workers. Friller, i.e. female treller, were properties and means, like slaves, and had no rights against sexual abuse either. The caste was freed in 1919 by law after European political pressures. However, that was merely on paper, since the illegal trelldom continued in 300 such farms (fæstegårder). Surely, the current RAPO Games in AP and LO indicates that these sexual abusive cultures have not improved much the last 100 years, - during the period of the 3rd International – the 3rd Pyramid Game of mass-psychosis. (UU 2016.juni.24)

In a capital-less society, the penny-less peasant, thrall or worker of any sort, are forced to provide any service as demanded, immoral, unethical or illegal, in order to provide their own and their related basic needs. Like the female workers in need are bound to provide such sexual services on demanded with discretion – not with global (#)MeToo apps. The previous Valla Game in LO did reveal some surfaces of the massive sexual thrall in LO. (UU 2012.juni.29)

The bondaged peasants and workers are trapped in a collective self-serfdom by the infamous 'Jante Law'. The collective obsession is a well-known Nordic Gimmick that degrades all the individuals by ten unwritten rules like 'you shall not believe you are (worth) something'. An additional eleventh rule is judicial and goes like 'you should not believe that we don't have something on you'. Such paranoid bondage is a Gimmick for Underworld Games – and clearly in the AP RAPO Game as well as the any other Kompromat (2017.sept.01). Such collectively autocratic self-serfdom is the very foundation for the AP and LO cultures even today. It has spread with the remote-controlled AP/LO regimes throughout the public sector. Now, those generations are obviously not able to free themselves due to the inherited denials of their psychosocial Games. (UU 2011.aug.05)

Arbeiderpartiet (Workers' Party / Labor) and LO (the Trade Federation) were made to gain control of the converted peasants due to the 1st industrial revolution by the 1st International. This 1st Pyramid Game lead to the 2nd International that triggered the 1st World War. The extra-ordinary 3rd International dictates the second phase of that WW of total submission of all 'Western' peoples to the Russian Empire. The 21 conditions factually dictate executions by illegal means for high treasonous actions to terminate own constitution and hand its autocratic quasi-democracy. It might be hard to realize that 5th degree wargames towards the humanity were unconditionally and openly supported by so-called Leninists, Stalinists, Maoists etc. (UU 2014.juni.13)

However, this complex of Underworld Games will not succeed when the 21 conditions are revealed and properly responded to by the Constitutional powers. These crimes of the past century are often focused in these UU blogs. The most recent theme is called 'The 5th Pyramid'. it started in UU 2016.mai.13 and ended with a roundup in UU 2017.dec.01.

The predicted Basketak complex was talked through in UU 2013.aug.30 and UU 2013.sept.20. That was at the end of the 4th Pyramid Game. The conditions to this 5th Pyramid Game are different though. Yet, some fundamental conditions cannot be changed, like the historical events and consequences. However, the history writings of the cold war are highly questionable and other sides of the truths are revealed daily on the internet.

The related Norwegian politics are commented to most Norwegian and Danish elections. Most recent was the sub-theme, the NoExit Game in blogs UU 2017.aug.18 to UU 2017.sept.08. The parliamentary election was a massive failure for the symbiotic AP/LO. Investigations with hard-core LYAHF Games were initiated that would have removed the current party leader, if not interrupted by this RAPO Game. The head of the Trondhjem faction was unconstitutionally removed and paves the way for an internal CdE by the AP Capital faction at the next Party election. That Oslo faction has demonstrated hard-core Game playing in the Capital by a Red-Green conspiracy. However, it has proved itself as a major fraud and failure.

Some current media observations are summarized and translated like: "It is outrageous that the AP leader has concluded the removal of the deputy without waiting for his responses to the accusations. It is violations fundamental legal principles if the decision is based on merely the accusations. There can be no trust in such a judgment. Such a process merely harms the party." Most outsiders, free from the AP/LO bondage, will also conclude that such Game players cannot be allowed Governmental power ever.

All-in-all, this recurring CdE Game on in AP is totally out of their own control – and it is of the ultimate concern for the national constitution. Thus, such CdE Games start in political parties, before escalating into national parliaments and the rest of the LEJD (Legal, Executive, Juridical and Democratic powers). Wikipedia categorizes CdE: "A coup d'état, literally 'hit of state', putsch or overthrow, is the illegal and open annexation of a state by elites within the state apparatus. It is considered successful when power is held for at least seven days. A 2016 study categorizes coups into four possible outcomes; 1) Failed coup; 2) No regime change; 3) Dictatorship swap; and 4) Democratization. Three types of CdE are identified as: 1) Breakthrough coups, 2) Arbiter coups; and Veto coups." UU 2017.mars.24).

The AP RAPO Game is an attempted arbiter coup that should be stopped by the LEJD powers.


Yello was presented with their virtual concert in UU 2017.nov.24. The whole text can be read there. Here is some clipping: "Yello's sound is mainly characterised by unusual music samples, a heavy reliance on rhythm and Dieter Meier's dark crooning voice. Yello has been instrumental in spreading and developing the use of sampling, along with Art of Noise, Paul Hardcastle and Depeche Mode, especially in the construction of rhythm tracks, such as one of their signature tunes The Race from 1988." "Boris Blank has taken a couple of vocal turns; on 'Swing' (from You Gotta Say Yes to Another Excess) and 'Blazing Saddles' (from Flag), and guest vocalists have included Rush Winters (the first female diva to be featured on a Yello recording), Billy MacKenzie, Stina Nordenstam, Jade Davies, Shirley Bassey, Heidi Happy and FiFi Rong. The group has shared writing credit with MacKenzie, Winters and Happy."

"1985's Stella proved to be Yello's commercial breakthrough: while the singles and videos 'Desire' and 'Vicious Games' found success upon their initial release, the duo enjoyed a delayed hit with the album track 'Oh Yeah,' which reached the U.S. singles chart after being prominently featured in the films Ferris Bueller's Day Off and The Secret of My Success. After the remix project 1980-1985: The New Mix in Go, Yello recruited diva Shirley Bassey and ex-Associate Billy McKenzie for 1987's One Second."

The associations here is the continuous complex of Vicious Games in AP/LO.

Yello - Vicious Games + Lyrics + 12 inch Version 1985

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About the Basketak Game
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jan 19
The Cardigans - My Favourite Game

Once again, the dominant political party AP enter their periodic Ritual of CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) with its symbiotic alter-ego, LO. Their reoccurring psychosocial Games are of the category Underworld, yet this time cloaked as the Sexual Games RAPO and LYAHF. This time, the Global (#)MeToo campaign was abused as a (#)HeToo campaign to remove one of two deputy leaders. Now, the RAPO Games are projected on political rivals - even as a (#)SheToo Game. Such hard-core Games of a dysfunctionalized party can be extremely violent and traumatic to organisations, people and the national Constitution. Therefore, the Games will be introduced in this blog, analyzed in the next and concluded with a final remedy in the third.


The basics of Games, and the 3x3 model, are explained in blogs like UU 2014.dec.19, UU 2014.sept.12 and UU 2014.aug.15. Some main points are; "Dr. Erik Berne developed the T.A. (Transaction Analysis) further in the book 'Games People Play'. Psychological Games are dishonest and ulterior per definition and occur amazingly often in real life. Berne explained about 60 general Games and how to eventually reduce the negative consequences by disclosing the hidden motives and the moves. Players use ulterior and false moves (Transactions) to get the gains/spoils. Berne also mentions classifications of Games based on the number of players, means, methods, instincts (ID), 'clinical level' (Ego) and psychodynamics. The Games can also be classified according to flexibility, endurance and intensity." (UU 2014.aug.29) However, most of the time is spent on other activities like Pasttimes, Rituals, Work, Withdrawal & Intimacy." (UU 2013.mars.15 and UU 2015.feb.27) The 3x3 psychosocial model was further developed to the 3^3 model and others. which is summarized in UU 2017.march.17.

Furthermore; "Criminal Games are mainly of the category Underworld, but can include categories like Life Games, Marital Games, Party Games, Sexual Games, Consulting Room Games and even Good Games'. These are often mentioned in these blogs and summarized in UU 2015.mars.06. "Some classic Games are. YDYB (Why Don't You, Yes But), IFWY (If It Weren't For You), WAHM (Why does this Always Happen to Me?), SWYMD (See What You Made Me Do), UGMIT (You Got Me Into This), LHIT (Look How Hard I've Tried), ITHY (I'm Only Trying to Help You), LPAFJ (Let's Pull A Fast one on Joey), NIGYSOB (Now I've Got You, You Son of a Bitch), LYAHF (Let's You and Him Fight), RAPO 'Psychiatry' and 'Courtroom'. A complete list of Berne's classic Games is talked through in his book 'Games People Play' that is now free on the internet. "Some (self-defined in these blogs) new Games are: DAC&UAC (Devide&Conquer & Unite&Conquer), ISR (It Started with the Retribution), ABD (Attack is the Best Defense), Jante/TUD (The Ugly Duckling), TLM (Two Little Maids), BGGG (Bad Guy, Good Guy), RPPP (Robbing Pete to Pay Paul), ODAB (One's Death – Another's Bread) and the Russian BOOFY (Beat your Own and Others will Fear You). Psychosocial Games are in general described in UU 2014.sept.12." (UU 2015.aug.28)

The Game RAPO is explained by Berne in details, which is summarized in the following: "RAPO is a Sexual Game played between a man and a woman that may be played with varying degrees of intensity. 1. First-Degree 'Rapo', or 'Kiss Off', is popular at social gatherings and consists essentially of mild flirtation. 2. In Second-Degree 'Rapo', or 'Indignation', (one) gets only secondary satisfaction from (the other's) advances. 3. Third-Degree 'Rapo' is a vicious game which ends in murder, suicide or the courtroom. Sometimes two actors plays the game LYAHF (Let's You and Him Fight) on an unwilling 3rd person by putting her/him in such a position that crying rape seems necessary to save the reputation. This can cause blackmail situation and even develop to complex set of Games with more actors involved. The male versions of 'Rapo' are notoriously found in commercial situations: 'Casting Couch' (and then she didn't get the part) and 'Cuddle Up' (and then she got fired)." The antithesis is mainly to distinguish genuine expressions of feeling from moves in the Game. However, it is difficult to conceive of a safe antithesis from hard-core RAPO players. Games can last for century at the highest powers. Outcomes happens to be divorce, ruin, exile and even suicide. (See link hereunder.)

The current 'HeToo' Games in AP do certainly involve some LO factions. In addition, there is probably an ulterior 3rd actor that initiated the RAPO Game as LYAHF. The AP RAPO Game seems to be initiated in the LO faction FAFO, which is parallel to the Dane DIIS (UU 2017.nov.03). Next, the RAPO rumors were processed as mass-psychotic cascades by sub-culture in the press media. These organisations relate to the 3rd International's Condition 1 of 21, which is a 100 years old war-declaration towards 'the west' (UU 2017.sept.08).

However, analyzing dysfunctional organizations do not focus on persons and such Blame Games and Scape Goats. Yet, some organizational factions are personalized with peer actors that might be over-focused by dysfunctional press media. The process to remove the AP's second deputy leader involve the leader himself as well as the other deputy leader. Still, that 100 years old AP Game syndrome, does clearly involve several other peer actors too. Most are mentioned in the book 'Basketak' (The Tussle), which will be focused in the next blog. Yet the ulterior Game Masters are as good as never mentioned, even though some camouflaged puppets sometimes get exposed. In this AP RAPO Game, there are is certainly the FAFO's candidate of so-called Red-Green collaboration.

Having said all these controversies related to (#)MeToo, it is also important to know that the critique in these blogs are in no way are critics towards the true intentions and use of the (#)MeToo campaign. Actually, it is considered a 4D hyper-democratic phenomena, as mentioned in UU 2016.sept.23. In these blogs, the stand is that it is a global human right not to suffer from any gender or sexuality abuse.

Conclusively, the AP RAPO Game abuses the hyper-democratic (#)MeToo campaign by some hard-core cold-war Game players. They are now 3rd degree RAPO and LYAHF Games of mass-psychosis and mass-neurosis - fueled up with 'fake news' to hit rival political parties, the Government and consequently the national Constitution. Although the next phase of this organisational warfare is executed behind closed doors in AP/LO, there are still LYAHF wildfires that can torch the civilization, - that must be ended properly. However, this is not a single national incident by a single dysfunctional party, but a demonstration on how anti-democratic warfare towards the democratic 'west' will undermine other 'western' constitutions too. Therefore, these RAPO and LYAHF Games are of concern for other constitutions in any 'western' nations and unions, especially the European Common Security and Defence Policy.


"The Cardigans are a Swedish rock band from 1992, with the line-up remaining unchanged to this day. Their debut album Emmerdale gave them a solid base in their home country and enjoyed some success abroad and their second album secured their international reputation. Their popularity rose with the songs 'Lovefool' 'Erase/Rewind' and 'My Favourite Game'. After a two-year break the band returned recording and releasing their fifth album. Their last album is a continuation of the country music infused by pop sensibility and further maturing in the band's sound. After a 2006 tour, the band embarked on a long five-year break from musical activities, before reuniting in 2012 to play several concerts. Overall the band sold over 15 million albums worldwide.

The association to the song 'Favourit Game' is certainly to all the RAPO Game player making suckers of MeToo preys.
The Cardigans - My Favourite Game (Lyrics - Letra)

Some relevant Links


Extra UU – The Cranberries - Beneath the Skin Live in Paris 1999

"Beneath the Skin – Live in Paris is a concert video by Irish rock band The Cranberries from their 'Bury the Hatchet' tour. Recorded on December 9, 1999 at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy on the band's stop in Paris, France. The DVD includes documentaries of the band and technicians, promotional videos for the singles and live performances." (Wikipedia)

The Cranberries are an Irish rock band. Although widely associated with alternative rock, the band's sound also incorporates indie pop, post-punk, Irish folk, and pop rock elements. They rose to international fame in the 1990s with their debut album and sold over 40 million records worldwide. The band achieved four top 20 albums on the Billboard 200 chart. after a six-year break, the Cranberries reunited and began touring. The lead singer Dolores O'Riordan died unexpectedly this week.
The Cranberries - Beneath the Skin Live in Paris
01. Promises 00:55
02. Animal Instinct 05:06
03. Loud and Clear 08:40
04. Ode to My Family 11:11
05. The Icicle Melts 15:45
06. Linger 18:38
07. Wanted 23:05
08. Salvation 24:49
09. Desperate Andy 27:19
10. Go Your Own Way 31:03
11. Pretty 35:07
12. When You´re Gone 38:18
13. I Can´t Be With You 43:06
14. Waltzing Back 46:14
15. Free to Decide 50:03
16. Zombie 53:13
17. Ridiculous Thoughts 58:35
18. Dying in the Sun 1:03:56
19. You and Me 1:07:07
20. Just My Imagination 1:10:43
21. Delilah 1:13:59
22. Dreams 1:17:06

jan 12
​Microsoft – Error Alert Song

Sub-cultures in Microsoft occasional breaks through with anti-Microsoft misdeeds. So is the Global IT market warfare (see link). Like politicians; people apply, get assignments and manipulates their rivals from within. Most such sociopathic activities are prevented, some damages are normalized, yet a few breaks through with irreversible damages for the customers, the company and the civil society. However, the Underworld Game masters, remain hidden behind the scenes. The real Motives of such Games are relative market Gains by directing the angry reaction from customers, users, authorities with shitstorm towards the prey company.


Not to claim that such is the real reason for isolating these UU blogs from the Internet. Yet, it certainly seems so, since such a violation of IPR and HR is quite the opposite of true Microsoft visions, values and ethics. Nevertheless, O365 announced last year that all its customers' SharePoint Blog sites would be blocked from the Internet. For this UU Blogs site, there are 7 years of weekly blogging, i.e. 350 blogs of 1000 A4 pages, with considerable work for each one. That violation was, however, postponed for a year due to escalating to Microsoft's true ethics of customers Intellectual Property Rights and Business Critical failures. This year, such escalations are block to supporters' incapacities to deal with business, ethical and legal issues. The suggested technical alternatives are practically unrealistic – which anyone involved understands very well. The SharePoint Blog App that is used to the UU Blog is unique and complex. The IPR content in the blogs cannot simply be migrated to another web site. Yet, Microsoft could offer the O365 SharePoint web-app as a Azure web-app, - but simply choose not to, - knowing very well that the consequences of such decision-making is global silencing of all public web block hosted on O365. This is practically censorship of public blogs by autocratic technocracies, – governed by anti-Microsoft values.

People should not worry more about artificial intelligence than artificial idiocy. As previous mentioned in UU Blogs, "Microsoft should be aware that anti-Microsoft is far stronger than its single departments, - such as Microsoft Denmark." This certainly goes for departments like Office 365 and Azure too. Be extra alerted by anti-Microsoft Cloud sub-cultures. Until 2018 March - the rivalries are talked through in series of blogs like UU 2014.mars.14, UU 2014.mars.21, UU 2014.mars.28 and UU 2014.april.04.

Consequently, these last 3 months, before this global technocratic violation of the 'freedom of speech', - will continue as virtual memorable by other means in other spaces.

Windows XP error song
The association to this song is that some alerts have become so frequent that it is perceived as a norm – and ignored like in denials for dysfunctionalized organisations.

The announcement: "SharePoint Online Public Websites to be discontinued"
Quick MBA about Marketing Warfare

jan 05
AURORA – Concert in the Nidaros Cathedral

​2018 starts with a music break of an utmost quality. Aurora is finally recognized globally– and even allowed to perform in the ancient northern cathedral Nidaros. Being born nearby, certainly reminds of home. Anyways, the producer writes about the concert: "The young Norwegian pop artist Aurora has great success both nationally and globally the recent years. I this quite unique Christmas concert, she enters the national secrecy Nidarosdomen with songs specially arranged for this unique church chamber. TrondheimSolistene, Oslo Fagottkor, organist Petra Bjørkhaug and harpist Ruth Potter plays together with her own band. Aurora delivers a concert experience that should not be missed." The last song, her interpretation of Bowie's 'Life on Mars', is exceptional.
 aurora-nidaros.JPGIn UU 2016.sept.02, she was presented like this: "Aurora Aksnes is a 20 years old Norwegian singer that began writing songs at the age of 9. Her debut EP 'Running with the Wolves' received widespread approval from online music blogs and national press. Later the same year she provided the backing track for the John Lewis Christmas advert, singing a cover of the Oasis song 'Half the World Away'. It also appears on the debut album 'All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend'. She has two older sisters, Miranda, a make-up artist and Viktoria, a fashion designer. She grew up in Os, a municipality in Hordaland close to Bergen. The association to this song is in sympathy to all youngsters that goes through troubles in their development to Adulthood."

Nidaros Cathedral is located in the city of Trondheim in Norway and the northernmost medieval cathedral in the world. Since the Reformation, it has served as the cathedral of the Lutheran bishops of Trondheim (or Nidaros) in the Diocese of Nidaros. The architectural style of the cathedral is Romanesque and Gothic. Historically it has been an important destination for pilgrims coming from all of Northern Europe. Today, the cathedral is a popular tourist attraction and tourists often follow the historic Pilgrim's Route to visit the cathedral for this and other cultural events.

Concert with Aurora in the Nidaros Cathedral

Extra UU – Aurora playlist

Aurora Aksnes is a young girl from Bergen, Norway. She strives to write music that can inspire people, through idiosyncratic tales of struggle, love, and all that lies in between.
Here is a playlist of some of her greatest videos.

dec 31
​Dame Edna - Christmas Is The Spookiest Time Of All

This final blog before 2018 focus on an imaginary personality called 'Dane Edna'. Yes, the main inspiration is the infamous femme fatale – the Australian Dame Edna. That figure is a royalty wannabe whom seems to related to the British throne, which the common Australians are distant to. Yet, Down-under, there might as well be some upside-downs. Yet, down here, at Zealand – the queen-to-be is an Australian native, which will connect the continents in unforeseen ways. She will also have to deal with numerous Dane Ednas of the past, the present and beyond – even some 800 years old ghosts of Minsk (UU 2017.mai.05).


Anyways, having been put through some programs of historical assimilations, yet still able to double-check with the internet, - there are obviously some major Black Holes in the Dane historical writings and perceptions. Looking back on a over-due application for citizenship, - the next years' bloggings will provide some re-discoveries of such historical Black Holes. That will be done by combining the theories of real Black Holes with the 5D model of historical scenarios (UU 2015.juni.26), - not by exposing their undetectable natures, but by realizing the virtual realities of their Event Horizons with slightly bent truths.

However, the association to this weekly selected (UU) is about some collectives of 'queen wannabes' that exploits the Queen's imunity from the Juridicial power, the influence of the Executive power and some manipulations of the Legaslative processes. There are indeed some bent and covered realities by parallel Constional powers of some spirits of long gone Crimson Kings and Queens (UU 2013.Mai.24). The Australian Dame Edna reveals that the joys of xmas is as spooky as true democracy.

Dame Edna - Christmas Is The Spookiest Time Of All
The Dame Edna Experience

(This blog is 2 days delayed since xmas was spent on a vulcan island next to the sahara.)


UU Extra - Danish Dane Ednas

Dane Edna could be a fictional character - a Danish Dame Edna, a royalty wannabe, representing the collective psyche of some present Nille – with the ambitions of conserving some outdated royal court's power, rather than the nation's Constitution. This association does not in any sense claim that the true royalties threatens the Dane Constitution, - but that a long-lost court of some puppet Kings and Queens might have.

Here are 3 examples of Dane Ednas.

Kirsten Birgit Schiøtz Kretz Hørsholm is a fictive Danish person that acts like a senior correspondent at the press and a cultural reporter for a newspaper. She has taken an educating role in the Dane society and do not spare any commons, that simplifies the fine arts by their simple existence. In this video, she is at the annual employee evaluation, where she sees through the Games that are played, takes control and still dominates.
Den Korte Radioavis' MUS på Radio24syv

Cirkusrevyen is the largest Danish cabaret, held at Dyrehavsbakken, north of Copenhagen – that was established in 1935. The actor Pilgaard is famous of many parodies – amongst a queen wannabe.
Cirkusrevyen 2016 Dronningens nytårstale med Ulf Pilgård

Linie 3 is a performance group from Århus. Their show consists of musical and entertaining acts. One favorite parody person is a recurring queen wannabe.
Linie 3, 25 års jubilæum - Dronningen

dec 22
Nissernes Ø - Nisse Calypso

It is like a big black hole in history books – the fact that Norway and Denmark managed the Virgin Islands together until 200 years ago. Much too little is known from the prosper in 'The Golden Age' of the Caribbeans around 1700. Those communities collapsed when the new Russian Empire's declared 'Great Nordic War' and Caribbean resourses were withdrawn.


Anyways, there must have been some Christmas celebrations at the Virgin Island at that time too. Wonder how that was. Well, the Danes have made a Christmas Calendar TV-series called 'Nissenes Ø' (The Gnoms' Island). Not quite any historical truth, - but it should inspire to make TV series about the Virgin Islands around 1700. Much is written about this in the UU Theme 'Tordenskjold's Pirates (from UU 2016.jan.08 to UU 2016.mars.11).

Nissernes Ø - Nisse Calypso

Dane Jule songs – playlist


Extra UU1 - TV Series - Nissernes Ø

Nissernes Ø – full episodes 1-24
Nissenens Ø.JPG

dec 15
Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al

This year's last blog about the P5GO has an optimistic approach to the future. All the related theories are based on the definition of LifeQuality and thereby the human needs and rights. However, the nations of the UN have agreed on a new program for this century - called the 17 Sustainability Development Goals. The SDG17 do not merely concern individual humans' needs and right, not merely in the 'developing' nations - but the whole humanity. The nature, cities, fabrics, governments, enterprises are included too. Therefore, the SDG17 is also the very anti-thesis to the 5th Pyramid Game. The theme started in UU 2016.mai.13 and continues.


However, this complex of new initiatives does require prioritizing between all of the UN goals, - which will not always put the individual human rights at the top of the list – for the sake of humanity. Therefore, the SDG17 is also as an realization that such single-sided overfocus have tipped the balance of fragile nations in the past. There are post-war examples that such over-prioritizing caused societies, cities, nations and unions to collapse with fatal outcomes. Even worse, some CCD (Colonial Collapse Disorders) have been motivated by predator rivals to causing CdE (Coup d' Etat) and extortions of prey nations at priceless human costs. Such Pyramid Games were playd in all the continents – causing irreversible traumas to humanity.

Now, the BRIC union is extrended to be BRICS – which includes South Africa as well as Brazil, Russia, India and China. The advice here is to pass on to the next phase of realization by reviewing the Good County Index (GCI) (UU 2014.dec.05) and the SDG17, - in order to plan for the needed constructive evolutions – not more destructive revolutions.

However, the SDG17 is a huge global concern that will evolve for decades. Therefore, this blog will not go in depth to the issues. Still, is a brief summary of the models involved (UU 2017.april.07). Furthermore, the combined 5D & 3^3 model was explained in the previous 7+12 EU related blogs (UU 2016.sept.23) "All the 19 blogs also relate to the theories presented in the introduction blog of UU 2016.mai.13. They are explained in UU 2014.sept.12 as; a consistent definition of "LifeQuality; a 3D ethics model, a 3D ethical system of GCR (Good/Constructive/Right); a 3D political model relating to the constitutional LEJ powers (Legal/Executive/Juridical); a 3^3 (3*3*3) psychosocial model of Drive, Will and Belief; an extended psychosocial Game models; a 5D scenario model for past as well as future (UU 2014.sept.12); and extended terminology by extended use of suffixes. (UU 2015.juni.12).


"Paul Frederic Simon is an American singer, songwriter and actor. Simon's musical career is 70 years long. He started as half of the duo Simon & Garfunkel. Simon wrote nearly all of their songs, including the #1 U.S. singles charts hits; 'The Sound of Silence', 'Mrs. Robinson', and 'Bridge over Troubled Water'. The duo split up in 1970.

After making 3 highly acclaimed albums, Paul started sessions with African musicians in Johannesburg in 1985. He released the album Graceland with the hit single 'You Can Call Me Al'. It's video featured the comedian Chevy Chase. Further singles, including the lead track, 'The Boy in the Bubble' was not commercial a hit but became radio standards and were highly praised." (See UU 2013.april.19.)

"The lyrics in 'You Can Call Me Al' describes a man experiencing a midlife crisis ('Where's my wife and family? What if I die here? Who'll be my role model?'). However, Paul Simon explained that the third verse move from a generic portrait-like perspective to a personal and autobiographical one of his journey to South Africa. It inspired the entire album." "The song opens simply, with wondering aloud why his life is difficult. Simon structured the song's lyrics in a way that listeners would be given the simplest information first, before getting abstract with his imagery in the song's third verse." "The names in the song came from an incident with his wife Peggy. A French composer mistakenly referred to Paul as 'Al' and to Peggy as 'Betty'."
Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al + Lyrics

Links to SDG17, BRICS and GCI
Also see:

Extra UU1 – SDG17

"The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a collection of 17 global goals agreed on in the United Nations, yet the total number of targets is 169. The broad goals are interrelated though each has its own targets to achieve. The SDGs cover a broad range of social and economic development issues, that include the traditional Human Rights as poverty, hunger, health, education, climate, gender equality, water, sanitation, energy, environment and social justice. The SDGs are also known as 'Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development" or 'Agenda 2030'. The goals were developed to replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which ended in 2015. Unlike the MDGs, the SDG framework does not distinguish between 'developed' and 'developing' nations, but to all countries."

"The UN-led process involved its 193 Member States and global civil society. The resolution is a broad intergovernmental agreement that acts as the Post-2015 Development Agenda. The SDGs build on the principles agreed upon in Resolution A/RES/66/288, entitled 'The Future We Want'. This was a non-binding document released as a result of Rio+20 Conference held in 2012."
Understanding the Dimensions of Sustainable Development
Homepage - Sustainable Development Goals
Global Human Rights Law - homepage
By the way, 10/12 was the Human Rights Day.

Extra UU2– Live concert Paul Simon Graceland

Graceland is an album inspired by South African township music, which sold 14 million copies on its release. It remains his most popular solo work. Simon travelled to South Africa for further recording of the album. The sessions featured many South African musicians and groups, particularly Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Simon also collaborated with several American artists, singing a memorable duet with Linda Ronstadt in 'Under African Skies,' and playing with Los Lobos. Simon was briefly listed on the U.N. Boycott list but removed after he had indicated he had not violated the cultural boycott.
Afrika Koncert 1987 "Graceland"
Paul Simon - Interview - 7/6/1986 (Official)

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